These 27 fun facts about italy may suprise you

We all love pizza no matter where we come from, whenever we hear pizza we are reminded of Italy. This country has a cocktail of amazing delicacies, fresh wine and mesmerizing architecture with ecstatic views. It is one of the most visited countries in the world. Every traveller has Italy on their bucket list.

We know Italy mainly for pizzas and wines. However, there is so much more to explore in this place. For example, the free wine fountain! Yes, you heard that right. There is a free wine fountain here which is a must if you are a wine lover.

There is not enough time to taste their 2,500 varieties of cheese, but you should try to taste at least a few of them. A place is a magnetic place with mesmerizing architecture. It ranks as 32nd in global peace index ranking. Moreover, who doesn’t want to visit the miniature country, Vatican City.

This place also has geographical wonders. This is the home to three active volcanoes. If you are a fan of history, archeology and active volcanoes, definitely add this place to your bucket list. The place is a house to many more secrets. You may not be able to explore everything within a limited period.

Fun Facts About Italy

Italy nicknameItaly is famous with many names. Repubbica Italiana which is known as ”Bel Paese” that signifies beautiful country.

The piano was first IntroducedPiano, a beautiful & most crucial musical instrument of today’s generation, is not only one country but throughout the world, was first invented by an Italian, namely Bartolomeo Cristofori.

He invented the piano in Italy itself during the period of the 1700s. Since then, the piano has always been a symbol of peaceful and happening music that prevails love and happiness worldwide.

Tremendous and Constant Life Expectancy Rate for a lot of yearsIt has an excellent and very consistent expectancy rate of about 70-80 years. This is not random and has been proved through various analyses for a very long time now.

Italy has adopted many measures to maintain this consistency of life expectancy and has succeeded in the same because it enjoys a good amount of population consistently.

Pinocchio originated from Italy and was penned down by an Italian – Pinocchio was a marionette cartoon from stories for children and was pinned down by an Italian herself. Pinocchio was a firm boy who was brave and always spoke the truth.

He was also portrayed as a very selfless boy who fights fearlessly for others and wins small and big battles. Walt Disney later produced its movie.

‘Po’ is the Longest known River – Po is considered the longest river of Italy that starts from the Cottian Alps in Northern side and continues to flow eastward. The range of flow of this river is from 645-685 km and forms great support of water and resources for the Italian residents. Almost all the regions or areas in Italy are dependent solely on the water coming from this river.

Bread is a very popular Food Item – This is one of those countries from all over the world that sells the most significant amount of bread. Every day Italians consume about 1-1.5 pounds of bread for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other meals.

This rate is much higher compared to the bread consumption of people in other countries & for the same reason, and this is the bread country of the world or at least of the European continent.

Italian Farms are rich in different types of VegetationAlmost all farms in Italy produce a large amount of vegetation, including soybeans, dairy products, olives, sugar, grain, grapes, beef, beet, potatoes, and so on.

Vegetation is mainly done in Italy, which is why there are numerous fields in this country in different regions. Italian farms in various areas are specialized for various farming activities.

A thermometer has also originatedThe thermometer is a beneficial instrument that checks the temperature of different substances, including the human body, in a familiar atmosphere.

This instrument was first brought into the scientific world by an Italian physicist-cum-mathematician Galileo Galilei. He did this in the 16th century. He was an Italian scientist, which is why the credit for the thermometer invention goes to Italy itself.

Different rates of UnemploymentDifferent areas in here experiences different rates or ratios of unemployment inside them. The northern region of Italy experiences about 20% unemployment while the other regions of Italy experience about 8.5-9% unemployment.

Based on the availability of jobs in a particular area, this unemployment ratio is listed. However, it keeps fluctuating from time to time as the increase or decrease in employment in different fields occurs.

Specific Conditions for Contesting ElectionsElections conducted here are general or regular in their outlook. However, some difference is present among the elections this country and other countries of the European continent. In Italy, you can vote in elections after 18 years for regular elections, but the voting age of Senate elections is strictly 25 years of age or above.

Inspiration of Italian Flag was taken from the French FlagThe inspiration of the Italian flag is taken from the French flag. The Italian flag is vertically tricoloured that includes green, white, and red colours, respectively. The patches of all these colours are equally divided and have the same length as the others. The French flag-inspired this flag to some extent.

Contributed immensely to the Scientific FieldThis has contributed immensely to the scientific field by inventing many new technologies and machines. Some of them can be Nitroglycerin, Barometer, Wireless telegraphy, Electric Battery. These scientific discoveries have contributed hugely and have created a lot of new explorations for humans to admire.

Income Rates of Italians fluctuate between $26,000 – $40,000The income rates of approximately all Italians fluctuate between $26,000-$40,000, making almost everyone equal economically. This reduces discrimination based on financial status, which is why Italian states experience much more equality than other countries.

The connection between Italy and SwitzerlandItaly and Switzerland share the longest border among all the others of Italy. The coverage of this border is about 744 kilometres. The extent of this border is from the modern states present in Switzerland to the Austrian-Swiss-Italian airport in Italy. This border forms a very long range and perfectly separates both these beautiful countries of the European continent.

Countries that Join Borders with this countryItaly joins its borders with a total of 6 countries. The names of these six countries include-
San Marino,
Slovenia, and
Vatican City.
All the above countries cover Italy from all sides and form a borderline connection with Italy. It’s import and export businesses also work smoothly with the help of these countries, and the product exchanges of all these countries with Italy improve the richness of the people living here.

Comparison between Arizona & Italy – Arizona is a US state that is one of the most prominent places throughout the world. The coverage of this state is about 290,000-300,000 square kilometres.

Italy is compared with Arizona because the total size of Italy is 301,340 km² which is undoubtedly a little larger than Arizona. For the same reason, even Italy is considered one of the most prominent places worldwide.

Origin of today’s Italian LanguageToday’s Italian language resides in the Tuscany areas and is somewhat different from the ancient Italian language. However, Tuscany was the region to evolve and originate this modern Italian language for the first time.

The modernization of the Italian language has brought great convenience of communication for the people. Through this, more and more Italians can connect with the outside world for different purposes.

Italian Inventor of Nuclear ReactorItalian scientist Enrico Fermi invented the concept of a nuclear reactor that could shake a whole country for even a generation. This happened on the 2nd of December and in the year 1942, which is why this period was considered the physicist era in Italy and all over the world.

Works of Shakespeare set – Shakespeare has surely spread his influence to a great extent on the whole world. However, some of his amazing works set their path in Italy. These works may include-
Antony & Cleopatra,
Julius Caesar,
The Two Gentlemen of Verona,
The Merchant of Venice,
The Winter’s Tale,
Cymbeline, and many more.
These works have resulted in being credible worldwide, which is why Italy is considered the powerhouse of Shakespeare’s works.

The popularity of FiatFiat automobile company is one of the most popular companies in Italy. It is used by a large number of Italy’s population, which is why a considerable amount of sales of Fiat comes from Italy every year. Also, Italians are always eager to try all the latest models of Fiat immediately after their launch.

2 Important MicrostatesItaly has the two most essential microstates and is Vatican City and San Marino. These two microstates are mainly based in Italy, both central and other regions of the country.

These microstates are Italy’s custom unions, which is why Italy is considered one of the most appreciable countries in not only Europe but all over the world.

The invention of Ice Cram Cone has an Italian BaseIce cream was first invented in Italy, and this gave a new and sweet angle to the ice cream experience of the whole world. Italo Marchiony was the one who created the ice cream cone for the first time in the year 1896.

Ranks in Top 5 among the Most Viewed CountryIt is considered the 5th most viewed country in the European continent and throughout the world. It has a standard range of about 35-40 million visitors every year.

This number only keeps on increasing with passing the time and years. Being among the most visited places by the people is something that Italy has achieved over the past years.

Building Foundation for the Invention of EyeglassesEyeglasses were first invented by Salvino D’Armate, who was an Italian. He did the base of the great foundation of eyeglasses in 1285, which later evolved to be the most significant discoveries that the world has ever seen.

Several Normal & Autonomous RegionsIt has both regular as well as autonomous regions. The number of common areas is 16, and the number of independent areas of Italy is 4. The four liberated areas are-
Friuli-Venezia Giulia,
Val d’Aosta, and
Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol.

It’s Currency – Previously & CurrentlyPreviously, Lira was the official currency of Italy. However, with time, the extent of this currency started to fall short, which is why new money called Euro came into existence. There exist some distinct differences between both these previous and current currencies.

italy flag

Mont Blanc – Not only for famous tourist destinations, it is well renowned for the majestic hills and beautiful snow capped mountain. The beautiful Monte Bianco is popular known as Mont Blanc located at a ht kf 4807 meter enhances the beauty of the place.


Visiting new places and knowing them better is usually the hobby and passion of many people in the world. These travellers or explorers have some fixed places in their minds that they want to explore throughout their lives, which eventually becomes a crucial part of their lives. Such people usually have one common thing in them, and that is they never miss popular spots.

One such popular place or country that people usually don’t miss out on their travelling list. Not a single traveller is satisfied without visiting this country and knowing the mesmerizing beauty of this place. Viewing Italy by their own eyes is still a dream for many people while others proudly flaunt their tour experience to Italy.

It also has a lot of exciting and attractive facts that people may not be generally aware of. However, these facts about this country , one of the beautiful countries of Europe, have been existing for a very long time now, and understanding them makes a person’s life much more influenced and realistic.

The various interesting facts about italy make people become attracted to this place much more. Italy can bring a lot of pleasure and happiness to your life and build a solid and beautiful connection between you and your life.

Therefore, you should undoubtedly consider all the above amazing facts when you are planning to visit Italy to experience all those incredible things personally compared to what you have read and get happiness from the same.

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