39 Fun Facts About New Zealand May Surprise You

New Zealand is an island country and is home to around a 4.5million people. It has two main islands named north and south islands, and most of the population here lives on the north island. It is famous mainly for its renowned rugby sports.

New Zealand is derived from a Dutch province called e total land area is around 263,310km2 it is roughly similar to the united kingdom, and the capital city is Wellington, with the largest city of New Zealand being Auckland.

The country to be called one of the world’s safest countries with a 2nd rank as in global peace index but not only with humans new Zealanders doesn’t have any dangerous and poisonous animals in the country. We will show facts about the country having different animals, sports events, historical achievements, languages and many more.

Fun Facts About New Zealand

Around 5% of the population are humans – One of the rare and exciting facts is that 5% of only humans and the rest are animals making it to the highest ratio of animals and lowest to human beings.

Sir Edmund Hillary is the first kiwi man to climb Mt.everest – In the year May 29th 1953, sir Edmund Hillary was the first kiwi man to climb Mount Everest, and it is the highest mountain in the world with a height of around 8850 meters.

Same sex marriage was legalised – New Zealand became the 13th country to legalise same-sex marriage, and on 19th August 2013, same-sex marriage has been got legalised.

National sport – It is a tiny country but got success in many sports. Rugby got established in the year 1870 in Nz, and the country team was called black caps. Whereas around 7 countries has adopted rugby as there national sports.

Around 94% of prisoners are male – According to reports there are 94% of male prisoners and 51% of prisoners are Maoris, and around 33% of prisoners are aged between 20 to 29 years.

Vending machines – Japan has more vending machines than people in New Zealand. The population of New Zealand is 4.5millon people, and the total number of vending machines in Japan is around 5.6 million. This tells that it’s one of the bizarre facts for both the countries May cold island and the climate has undergone several periods of glacination.

New Zealand has three official languages – English is the most widely spoken language in the country with 95% of population using it and the other 2 languages are maori and new Zealand sign language. 4% of mãori language spoken by newzealanders.

Right to vote for women – Lord Glasgow signing of electrol bill New Zealand has become the first country to give a right to vote for women in the year 1893. Whereas gender equality is not a new concept in this country.

You can pay with some hobbit money – The hobbit coins are featuring characters such as Gandalf the wizard and Bilbo Baggins are legal tenders in this country. The face of these hobbit coins is the cost collectors could be able to pay.

New Zealand Cricket – New Zealanders love cricket and it has become a favourite sports here and they had become the test playing nation in the gear 1930. The first class cricket has been started in the year 1906 and now have become international team in all the formats. Cricket has been one of the oldest sport of around 150 years in NZ

Six sheep’s for every six persons – There were around 20 sheep’s per every newzealanders now as per the beef and lamp Nz show statistics they are around 6 sheep’s for every 1 person. The daily cattle number dropped but it is one of the amazing facts to know.

It has a world steepest street – The Baldwin street is to be called as worlds steepest street which is around 1150 long with a gradient of around 19degrees it is a small residential road in dunedin. It has a Guinness world record of worlds steepest street.

Least corrupted country – New Zealand is to be called as one of the lowest corrupted countries in the world. According to the 2020 corruption perception index Nz has equalled the scores with Denmark as 88 out of 100 and it ranks 2nd lowest corrupted country throughout the world.

Elizabeth II – Queen Elizabeth ll was the first to reigning monarch to tour NZ. Queen Elizabeth Il as the head of the state she was having royal powers that she has exercised in constitutional, ceremonial, and community.

Advertising on television has been ban – Advertising on television has been banned since the broadcasting act of 1989. Has started it to ban ads on Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. NZ has banned all tv channels from advertising on these special days.

Naming your baby as Christ, messiah, or Lucifer is illegal – New Zealand has officially released the list of bans was some of the baby’s names. The banned names include Christ, messiah, Lucifer, Lord, majesty, bishop, major and duke. There are around 77 babe names that are banned in the country.

Local, new Zealanders are called kiwis – The name kiwi to the people of newzealanders has been derived from a native flightless bird, and it is a national bird of the country till first world war the kiwi was only representing the country but from the year 1917 newzealanders also called as kiwi.

Free From venom dangerous animals – New Zealand doesn’t have any harmful animals like snakes, scorpions and venomous insects. As there are no poisonous or human eating animals in the country.

Longest hill name – Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu is the longest hill here. The 1000 feet hill located in north island of the country.

Christchurch is the driest city Wellington is the wettest city – Christchurch is to be called as driest main centre in the country. Just around 18.2millimetres of rainfall as Wellington to be called as the wettest city And Dunedin is the coolest.

New Zealand has become totally independent in 1947 – In the year 1947 New Zealand got fully independence from Britain during the year 105 the country was dominion with British empire.

4th largest producer of wool – New Zealand is the 4th largest producer of wool throughout the world. It contributes the 11% of global wool productions.

Places names are hard to pronounce – The names in the country are really very hard to pronounce due to the maori origin and these are some of the funniest names to pronounce whakahoro, waipu, tutaekuri river, the urewera

New Zealanders love their cars – As on March 2021 there are around 4.4million current licensed vehicle in the country. There were around 800+ vehicles for 1000 people as average in the country.

Rugby world cup 1987 – Rugby has become a famous sport for several countries. Around sixteen countries played to win the title of first rugby world cup but in the final new Zealand has defeated France with a margin of 29-9 and become the first country to win the title.

Nuclear power stations – It is one of the worlds developed countries not using electricity from nuclear energy. The government is one of the few nuclear power using countries throughout the world as a hydroelectric system were progressively increased since the 1970s.

Flightless parrot, the kakapo – Owl parrot is also called kakapo is a species of a large flightless parrot as they are large hide during the days and can’t fly.

Kiwi is the national bird – Kiwi is the national bird of the country, and the people of news Zealand are also called as kiwi. Kiwi is a flightless bird and it has a long beak and a feather like hairs.

One third of the country protected national parks – There are around 13 national park in new Zealand fiordland is the biggest national park in the country. Altogether one third of country protected national parks as at 85000sq km of area.

The clearest water in the world is from blue lake New Zealand – The blue lake from south island has the clearest water in the world. It is located in the Nelson lake national park this small lake has fresh water as clear as distilled water.

Worlds smallest dolphin species – Hector dolphins are the worlds smallest dolphins as they are found in south island having a short stocky bodies and facial markings.

Children as low as age of 16 years can apply driving license easily – You must be 16 years or above to apply for a driving license in the country. There will be a test to pass to get a driving license.

Kea – NZ is the home for many amazing bird species. The kea the worlds only alpine parrot is also called as the clone of the alps and known as a mountain parrot it is an actual alpine parrot worldwide.

English is widely spoken here – Around 95.4% of kiwis speak the English language, and it is to be called a wide range of spoken languages in the country. It is a primary language used in all the institutions, constitutions and is also called a main language in the country.

There are 3 kiwis in Nz – New Zealanders are also called kiwi, are very helpful and down to earth people. And a flightless bird, also called a kiwi it is a national bird of the country, and the fruit kiwi is not native to the country, but seeds were brought to the country in the year 1904.

General elections – The general election in the country will hold for every three years. The area candidate can vote to choose their selected candidates or party to win.

Transgender member of parliament – Georgina beer becomes the first transgender person to be elected as a member of parliament and mayor. She has become the Mp of Wairarapa in the year 1999 and mayor of cartenton in 1995.

Average life expectancy – According to the reports of world bank the country has a life expectancy of 80.3 and these averages are calculated based upon the birth and death rates.

New Zealand Flag

There are 2 national anthems – Kiwi people have 2 national anthems as God save the queen and God defend new Zealand. The other having 2 national anthems is Denmark.


As we hope you liked this article and you might love to visit this beautiful country having beautiful islands, traditions , nature, people and sporting events. Stay connected to get more facts about other beautiful countries.

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