These 26 Fun Facts About Norway May Amaze You

Brief Introduction

It is located in the western part region of the Scandinavian peninsula. It is a country of natural beauty with some of the unique qualities offered by the nature such as the coast, mountains and waterfalls, glaciers and midnight sun.

Nearly 70% country is covered by mountains, glaciers, moors and rivers. Norway covers an area of 148,726sq miles little less than Sweden with a population of around just 5 million.

The flag of Norway retains existed a sign of national pride, personality and independence for better than 100years. The modern flag has included of a red field and a shady blue with a radiant border to it. The flag of Norway symbolizes the past of it.


Norway is one of the wealthiest countries. With one of the greatest GDP per capita wealth in the nation and Norway economy largely depends upon simple resources and power resources. Oil and gas exposition accounts for 20% of its economy and the finding of oil and gas in the year the 1960s has provided the country a financial boost.


Norway joined the Kalmar Union with Denmark and Sweden in 1397. Later Sweden vacated the federation in 1523, Norway agreed the junior supporter in Denmark of Norway. The Reformation prevailed submitted in 1537 and absolute kingdom assessed in 1661.

Norway became an independent kingdom in 1905, Today Norway is an extremely secular country. There is spiritual freedom, and most of the nation’s beliefs are affected and all exist welcome. There are moreover good common Jewish and Buddhist populations.

Norway Capital

Oslo is the known as the largest city of Norway and it retains existed the capital since 1814. Oslo is the verdant city of Norway enclosed with fractions of forested cliffs. This town gives a quantity of cultural life, interests, and an option of restaurants. Oslo harbour is the biggest and as good as busiest in the nation.


It retains classified as one of the nicest regions to live and has an extremely low violation rate around the nation. Whereas in modern years Norway has graded as the nicest country to stay in by the united nations mortal growth news and it’s a big success for Norway administration.

Whereas it retains then rated big in educational statuses, literacy ratio and too substantial wealth and it includes a biggest welfare network in the world. Norway parliament gives assistance to the people who prevail unemployed so that they can live a simple and honourable life.

Fun Facts About Norway

It Has Some Other Names – It retains two different official terms to call but surprisingly they exist not related to Norway these authorized names are Norge and Noreg, The largely famous among this is Norge and significance of the word Norge is “Northern way” or “way heading to the north”.

Ranks In Top List Of Worlds Happiest Country – This country retains ranked in top list as the worlds happiest nation since 2013 and similarly it has ranked as the worlds Number happiest nation in the year 2017. Among the credible conditions for these order is due to nations social strategies, Wealthy living situations, confidential freedom, rankings on democracy and residing a pleased life.

Eco-Friendly Country – It is one of the biggest producer of biological gas and oil. Norway includes continuously verified and earned some huge efforts in lessen of carbon evidence. Through 98% of Norway electricity reaches from hydropower and different renewable power.

The nation has a large quantity of electric car and maximum of the people prefers electric engine. Council of Norway has benefited this eco friendly network from the beginning and has lent some nice choices for obtaining electric cars with it’s large tax cracks, very small parking fees and too limited ferry prices.

Worlds Longest Tunnel – In the year 1992 the Norwegian parliamentary has authorized to assembled the worlds lengthiest tunnel. The 24.5km biggest tunnel spans between aurland and laerdal. The laerdal shaft contends to be the nations longest path tunnel.

The opinion of building out this tunnel relatively than building out streets is expected to prevent hard landscapes and moreover with a big harm of rock collapses.

Same Sex Marriages – This has fit the 6th region in the world to legalize the similar sex marriages. It possesses serve legal in norway since January 1st 2009 when a gender impartial law arrived into troop.

There are extra similar sex marriages in the year 2020 around 155 relationships among the two women’s and around 192 bonds among the two men’s.

Famous for Some of its Greatest Waterfalls – It is lodging for 9 waterfalls out of 20 popular waterfalls of the nation. This nation is an adorable spot for waterfall lovers. The nicest time to enjoy out the waterfalls is in the month of may and June where the glaze and snow from the peaks is melting and the water statuses increases.

Has More Than 50,000 island – It is also the home of 50,000 islands. The biggest island with a region of further than 5000 is archipelago of Svalbard. Norway is too a traditional place to enjoy Islands with jaw-dropping grace.

The Norwegian Islands really have something for everyone to admire with the beautiful Lofoten Islands existing one of the greatly popular and photographed spots in the nation.

Has a Butter Crisis – It was possessing a butter crisis since the year 2011. A critical scarcity of butter resulted in price improvement the expense of 250grams of butter prevailed over 50$. The butter crisis proved in the year 2012 and the rate of it has arrived to usual.

Worlds Largest Producer of salmon – Norway is the worlds biggest producer of salmon. In the year 2018 Norway retains produced 55% of the worldwide salmon. Largely of the consumers have valued Norwegian salmon as the antibiotics and moreover strong and safe.

Norwegians Eat a Lot Of Tacos – According to a statement, tacos is the largely famous Friday crock here. Tacos exist very simple to make and moreover very inexpensive to acquire. Over 8.2% of the community here consumes tacos every single Friday. Taco is a pale tortilla served with an option of flesh and lots of veggies with lime for clasping.

There Is a Town Named As Hell – One city here is named hell. The significance of hell here is luck. it is one of the coldest spots in the nation with a climate of -25°c. The city has a community of over 1500 and has a grocery stock a convoy site, and had to depot.

Languages – Here is the lodging of 2 unique languages named as Sami and Norwegian whereas Norwegian is the greatly verbal language in Norway and it pertains to the north germanic department of the germanic language community. Norwegian is too spoken in USA, Canada and Sweden.

Between the year 1978-1989 skateboards were banned – Skateboarding existed begun in Norway in the year 1978 and the initial boards prevailed sold. On that year news occurred alleged from the united states as through 28 children retains died and 10,000 includes been wounded during this game in 1977, the administration of Norwegian has agreed to prohibit skateboards from 15 November 1978. Through up to 11 years from 1978-1989 skateboarding existed banned.

The Norwegian Currency Is NOK (Norwegian Krone) – People mostly utilizes the Norwegian Krone, which is always interpreted into English as ‘Crown’. The Norwegian krone (NOK), which started circulation in 1875, is the authorized currency of this country. The krone’s restriction and circulation are regulated by the country’s central bank, the Norges Bank.

Norwegians utilize both coins and banknotes for coins transactions. Coins appear in denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 20 kroner, and banknotes exist allocated into 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 denominations.

Land Border With Russia – The border between Norway and Russia, exists of a 195.7-kilometer land boundary between this country , and Pechengsky District of Russia, and a 23.2-kilometer marine boundary in the Varangerfjord. The boundary line was interpreted by an agreement in 1826 and virtually remains the exact border today.

Wealth And Income Of All The Residents Is On Public Record – The formal family net-adjusted disposable income per capita is USD 35 725 a year, greater than the OECD normal of a year. The entire taxable income, substantial tax paid, and taxable prosperity of every Norwegian taxpayer is published every year.

The last figure is significant because Norway assesses an additional wealth tax on its prosperous citizens. Income developed from real palace or portable bargains in Norway.

Valcano – This is really a volcanic country. In the Norwegian brine, at 3000 meters chasm, there are hundreds of effective vulcanoes rallied. These remember formal eruptions. A modern island may moreover be developed, as one of the volcanoes are almost 20 meters below the surface.

The world’s northernmost effective volcano, established the vacant dependence of Jan Mayen Island in the Arctic Ocean northeast of Iceland.

Speeding Can Make You To Go To Jail – The Norwegian speed limit is 50 miles per hour, except for in built-up areas or town centres, where it is 30 miles per hour unless otherwise stated. Norway charges a fine of 10% of your annual income for racing tickets. Alongside the fine, Norwegian law imposes a mandatory minimum 18-day jail sentence for speeds deemed excessive.

Has Biggest Mountain plateau In Europe – Hardangervidda park is the Norway’s biggest national park and it has a biggest high mountain plateau in Europe with a surface area of around 3422 kilometres.

Was Under Swedish Rule Till Year 1905 – The union of Norway and Sweden from the year 1814 to 1905 has joined the two nations under a foreign policy.

Holds Most Number Of Winter Olympic Medals Won – At the winter Olympics, this country has won around 368 medals in total including with 132 gold medals. Norway has won more medals thank any other country in the world.

Including with 111 silver and 100 bronze medals. Baithlete ole einar Bjorndalen from Norway is the most decorated winter Olympian having total of 13 medals, including with 8 gold medals

One Of The Least Corrupt Countries Of The World – According to the 2020 corruption perception index represents among the worlds least corrupt countries in the world. Denmark is the worlds number 1 least corrupt country with a score of 88. Whereas Norway has ranked 7th with a score of 84.

National Animal Is Elk – A national animal is an animal which is a symbol or emblem if a country. Moose is the national animal of Norway all called ad Elk. It’s scientific name is alces. Elk has a long legs and it can swim up to 10miles and up to 35miles. It’s long legs helps them run through snow and paddle through the deep water.

The Land Of Midnight Sun – Norway the land of midnight sun, where from the month of may to July the sun actually never sets for around 76 days the sun never gets down. There will be no night during these days and it’s very hard to understand but you can enjoy some wonderful days by visiting out this country.

Declaration as neutrality in World War I – During the world war with the outbreak of war 1914 Norway has issued a declaration of neutrality. Norway referred as the neutral ally. In the year 1905, when Norway gained independence the politicians of Norway has chosen and given a declaration to remain silent during the international conflicts.

norway flag

Sweet Christmas Tradition – Every year since 1947, the government has giving a Christmas tree to the people of London. It is a gratitude for the support of Britain support for this country during the world war 2. The tree named as Trafalgar square Christmas is given by the city Oslo. This is a special gift repaying by Norwegians to the people of British.


What is the capital of norway ?

Oslo is the known as the largest & capital city of Norway and it retains existed the capital since year 1814. Oslo population is more than 1Million in 2023.

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