These 27 Fun Facts About USA May Surprise You

Brief Introduction

The United States of America, the land of free, consists of 50 states and, in many ways, is a nation like no other. The whole country has got loads to see, ranging from the shores of Florida to the iconic cities like New York.

The government has a mixture of tropical and arctic climates in one place and consists of a massive mix of cultures. America has a population of around 328 million people, making it the world’s third most populous country, and by total area, it is the fourth largest country in the world.

“The winds that blow through the wide sky in these mounts, the winds that sweep from Canada to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic- have always blown on free men.” This quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt appropriately describes the social and economic status of the superpower of the world, the United States of America.


After the Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci, who set forth the then-revolutionary concept that the lands that Christopher Columbus sailed to in 1492 were part of a separate continent, the name of the country originated, and the first known use of the word ‘America’ dates back to 1507 which appeared on a world map produced by the German cartographer Martin Waldseemuller.

The first-ever evidence for the use of the phrase “united states of America” was recorded on January 2, 1776, from the letter written to George Washington from Stephen Moylan in which he expressed his wish to go to Spain to seek assistance for the revolutionary war with ample powers from the United States of America.

In June 1776, Thomas Jefferson, in the headline of his rough draft of the declaration of independence, wrote the phrase in capitalized letters “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” The phrase “united states” was Initially plurals in American usage, but it also has standard short forms such as “The U.S,” the “U.S.A,” and the “America.”


History always plays a significant role in presenting the status and condition of the place in the past. It is just like a mirror and always shows the actual status of the country. Likewise, America has an ancient history. With the arrival of the Native Americans in North America around 15,000 BC, the history of the United States began. By the 16 century, numerous indigenous cultures were formed, and later many got disappeared. After 1600, many colonies were formed, and with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492, the European colonization of the Americas started to take place. Along the Atlantic coast, east of the Appalachian Mountains, by the 1760s, thirteen British colonies got established.

The British government, after defeating France, started imposing a series of taxes, including the Stamp Act of 1765. The usa government rejected the arguments of the colonists’ constitutional regarding the new taxes, which led to resistance, especially by the Boston Tea Party in 1773. Due to this, the parliament issued punitive laws that led to the end of self-government. In 1775, armed conflicts began in Massachusetts, and in 1776, in Philadelphia, the independence of the colonies as the “united states” was declared by the second continental congress.

The party was led by General George Washington, who became the first president, and Alexander Hamilton became his chief advisor. The new nation’s borders were established in 1783, with the peace treaty, and the central government was established with an Article of Confederation. But since the article was ineffective at providing stability and had no executive officer, and could not collect taxes, a new constitution was adopted in 1789 along with a Bill of Rights in 1791, which guaranteed inalienable rights to its People and thus a strong central government was created. 

During the 19th century, the United States began to become industrialized. But in 1861, several states started to leave from the south to form a new country called the confederate states of America which led to the American civil war. The war ended, but the immigration resumed, and several Americans became super-rich during this period, and the country developed the largest economies in the world.

At the start of the 20th century, the United States fought World War 1 and World War 2 and became the world power. During these wars, there was an economic boom called the roaring twenties, in which the rich became more affluent, and a financial bust called the great depression when most became poorer. The United States then entered a cold war with the Soviet Union, which included Korea and Vietnam. During this time, women, along with African –Americans and Chicanos, sought more rights.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the country went through the worst recession as the factories in the states started producing fewer things but came out of recession with the end of the cold war in the late 1980s. With Barack Obama’s presidency, several domestic problems got coverage, and with Donald Trump’s presidency, the country saw a rise in populist politics.

Fun Facts About USA

1.The state of Maryland is the wealthiest states in the Usa – Maryland is the wealthiest state in the United States of America, with a central household revenue of $69,272 according to the 2010 survey.

The income accrues to Maryland, proper in portion to its locality to Washington D.C and its awareness of high-earning organizations. The state is residence to several national agencies comprising the National Security Agency, which utilizes the largest quantity of mathematicians in the U.S.

2.The United States is the fattest country in the world – With over 33% of the population existing obese and 66% contemplated to be overweight. Through all 50 states and the country’s capital, also than 1 in 5 adults are obese, obesity rates in the United States are surging. With that statistic reaches some staggering expenses.

3.Usa has one of the best passports in the world – The United States persisted in the seventh spot, with entry to 187 countries, plunging behind France, Portugal, Netherlands and Ireland.

There live relatively rare countries with visa provisions for Americans. US passport holders can holiday 185 destinations visa-free. American passport owners can tour receiving an eVisa through their respective online outlets.

4. Military facts of the United States- The department of defense of America employs about 1.8 million people on active duty and is the country’s largest employer. Less than 28% of the country’s population is qualified for military service, roughly one in four aged 17-23.

5.One out of every 10 Americans has existed employed by McDonald’s – McDonald’s is an American fast-food corporation, organized in 1940 as a restaurant. An approximate 1 of every 10 employees in the USA retains at some case been required by McDonald’s.

The corporation annually pays about 1 million nation, more than any different American institution, public or personal.

6.In 1918 a flu epidemic killed 548,000 people in the U.S – The 1918 influenza epidemic was the most serious pandemic in last record. It was effected by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. 

The quantity of deaths was classified to be at limited 50 million worldwide with nearly 548,000 occurring in the United States. In the United States, it subsisted first observed in military staff in spring 1918.

7.Americans eat around 100 acres of pizza every day – Largely Americans lust pizza and around 93% of Americans meant to include eaten pizza previous month. They nibble 100 acres of pizza every day.

That’s over 300 million pizzas every year. That’s extremely beautiful! And I estimated it was an excellent time to share with you all these incredible facts about pizza.

8.No official language that is spoken – The United States has no official language. English is spoken by the severe plurality of Americans. English existed the most prominent language in the recent 13 provinces that would set the United States of America, Although the US retains never accepted English as its accepted language.

9.The Name of a city in the state of Michigan is actually called ” Hell” – The initial is that a set of German visitors plodded out of a stagecoach one sunny afternoon in the 1830s, and one said to the other, clarified hell as, “So beautifully radiant!.” Their opinions were listened by some citizens and the word stuck.

10.Maximum amount of people walk to work in the states of Alaska – The state with the largest percentage of walking commuters (8.9%) was Alaska. The Internet and holidaying in Alaska are two wonderful mean to learn about the state, and examine business opportunities.

11. World’s longest land border  stretching for over 8850 kilometers; the United States is known to be super-sized and has the longest land border in the world.

12. Highest loan Usa- You will also get surprised to know that America is the country that has the highest loan pending from different countries. If we divide the loan amount among the entire population, then each citizen has to pay around $100000.

13. In usa more people in New York than in 40 out of 50 states  new York has more people crammed in it than 40 other states in the united states and is home to around 8.5 million people with just an area under 780 square kilometers.

14. Skyscrapers of usa – New York City, especially the borough of Manhattan, has the tallest skyline in the country, while Chicago has always been the center of American skyscraper buildings.

15. New York was once New Amsterdam – New York wasn’t always New York and was once called New Amsterdam. It was named so by the Dutch, who settled in Amsterdam and got changed into its iconic name when the English captured it in the 17th century.

16. George Washington wasn’t the first president to live in the white house – the first president of the United States did oversee the construction of the house, but he never lived in it. The house’s structure began in 1792 and wasn’t inhabited until 1800, and later, John Adams, along with his wife Abigail, lived in the white house.

17. Country with more than one official language  America is a multiethnic country, and thus there is more than one official language. The language of the folks varies from English, Spanish to French and Hawaiian.

18. Flag – The country’s current flag was designed by a 17- year old Robert Heff, who created the current 50-star flag of the country as a part of a high school project.

19. The constitution wasn’t original – It is thought that Ben Franklin and the founding fathers came up with the constitution all by themselves. Still, it was modeled after the constitution of the Iroquois confederacy of the Native American tribes.

20. The Usa has the biggest GDP in the world – when mentioning the world’s wealthiest countries, the US may not consistently rank as number one since the wealth of a country is divided by its population. Still, when it comes to power production, specifically about the gross domestic product, then the USA ranks first.

21. Nuclear power capacity Usa- By far the most significant nuclear electricity producer globally is the United States of America, with 789,919GWh of nuclear electricity production in the year 2020.

22. Hollywood – In the central region of Los Angeles, California, you will find a neighborhood notably called Hollywood, the home of the U.S film industry. It was incorporated as a municipality on November 14, 1903, by 88 for and 77 against. On October 11, the first studio, the nester company, was established in Hollywood.

23. Industrial status of America – Being the home to the most innovative and productive companies globally, the United States forms the most diverse and competitive groups of industry sectors in the world. About 11.39% of the total output of manufacturers accounts for the economy by employing about 8.51% of the workforce. 

 24. Home to the wealthiest person in the world – The wealthiest person, Jeff Bezos is the founder of the world’s largest retailer, Amazon, and the blue origin. The estimated net worth of Bezos is about $177 billion, making him the wealthiest person in the world.

25. Immigration status of the country – With about 47 million immigrants as of 2015, the United States of America has the largest immigrant population in the whole world. About 244 millions of international immigrants from all over the world which is 19.1% of US population.

26. 44.5% of the land in the U.S. is affectionate to agricultural bases – Agricultural land in the United States existed noted at 44.36 % in 2018, according to the World Bank compilation of growth indicators, collected from officially recognized references.

Agricultural land usage in the United States carries observed severe shifts to support boosting requests for food and products. The percentage of U.S. land utilized to produce citrus fruits deserted is bigger than Rhode Island.

usa flag wallpaper

27. Usa Has Lots of different climates – Along with being a super-sized country, America is the only country in the world that has all of the earth’s five climatic zones.


The art and culture of any place is a presentation of the lifestyle of people and diversity in a single country. You will get surprised to learn about the magical art and culture of America. It covers a lot of aspects. The stories of American arts and cultures include histories from social institutions and movements and their diverse cultural values and stretches from the earliest indigenous cultures to most globalization of contemporary art.

Several places in America are the storehouse of art and culture. You will love the art of those places like Walnut street theatre located in famous Pennsylvania.

The popular Armstrong place in the heart of new York city. These are the historical landmarks in America that represent the rich art and culture of the Place.

The other national historic sites that illustrate the people’s moral and aesthetic values are the garden and the studio in New Hampshire of Augustus Calle, the Saint-Gaudens, and Connemara, in North Caroline, the farm of the noted pet, Carl sandbur. The values and the lives of people are expressed through a range of formal and informal structures ranging from schools to voluntary associations.

The roles of ordinary Americans and a facet of America’s cultural landscape are reflected by the Boston African American historic site. The country itself has a rich educational facility.

The magnificent Rural Kentucky pine mountain settlement shows the significance of the education system in the country, and You will get surprised to know that this is the birthplace of the famous Helen Keller. The strategies employed, as well as the diverse motivations of the people, play an essential role in social history.

Thus in Seneca Falls, New York, the women’s rights national historical park and the national historic landmark in Indiana called the Eugene V.Debs to reflect light upon the changeable nature and the diversity of the social institutions.

A national historic site, Touro Synagogue, and a national historic landmark, Hancock Shaker Village, illustrates the country’s religious diversity. The Usa has had a large-scale immigration rate throughout its history. Thud offers a racially and ethnically diverse and thus promotes homogeneity through its Anglo- American common law.

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