29 Interesting Sandwich facts May Amaze You

A sandwich is a slice of bread or it is called as a bread roll on which some delicious additional foods are placed. There are huge number and different types of sandwiches available in the market. Sandwich has become a stable for lunch. The first subway sandwich market was open in the year 1965. The name has derived from a English diplomat called as lord sandwich.

The sandwich was first popularized in England in the year 1762 by John montagu. He was the first person to think putting different things between the two slices of bread at the last things were changed Edward gin on mentioned the name as sandwich.

It is a food typically consisting of a sliced breads, meats, cheese, peanut, and vegetables. Americans eat more than 300 millions sandwiches a day it shows they loved it the most. The sandwich king subway has grown in a corporate giant.

According to united states department of agriculture a sandwich must contains no more than 50 percent of sliced bread and must contain around 35% of cooked meat. Sandwich for business has helped many big companies as subway food chain has almost grown in 96 countries. As in India and many countries children love eating sandwiches in their lunch boxes.

The most popular sandwich in USA is standard ham sandwich filled with ha., cheese, mustard and mayonnaise. Around 11.5 billion sandwiches are eaten every year in United kingdom and also £7.2 billion spent in United kingdom for sandwiches.

This food has a large number of names in different countries like Italian, Germany and Spanish and there are large number of Guinness world record made by many countries and people on this delicious food.

Sandwich facts

US has 60 different types of sandwich

over 60 famous sandwich types originated in America. Cuban sandwich is one of the famous sandwich in America with it having a Cuban bread,pimento cheese sandwiches, American subs,ham and Swiss sandwiches exist among the largely outstanding varieties.

Nearly 7 out 10 restaurant offers sandwich in US

Most USA peoples celebrates November 3 As worlds sandwich day as they love this delicious food a lot, most of the restaurants in the countries offers sandwiches in their business.

Nearly around 7 out of 10 restaurants shows this food which is approximately 70% of restaurants having it in their menu. A typical American eats an average of about d 3000 sandwiches In his lifetime.

Lebanon worlds longest sandwich

Country Lebanon has made a business world record for the worlds most giant sandwich, which is around 241qft and 5 inches. It was created on May 22nd 2011, in Beirut hazmieh region.

The sandwich must contain 35% meat

A nice sandwich, like a good life, is all about the surplus. The USDA description that a sandwich could contain 35% of cooked meat and 50% of a closed sandwich.

Some people think that cutting sandwiches diagonally is bad luck to cut it meant as breaking friendship between two halves as a healthy sandwich can set you back 400-500 calories easily.

McDonald McLobster sandwich

McLobster is a summertime sandwich, and it’s only available at McDonald’s. It is a Mclobster roll filled in a hot dog bun with lobster sauce.

Hamburgers as liberty sandwich

A hamburger was called liberty sandwich. . During World War I, liberty sandwich name was created and was also used to refer as sauerkaut and another Germany measles were liberty measles.

The name was used to to promote patriotism. The US Government strived to rename hamburgers as ‘liberty sandwiches.’

New York burritos as sandwich’s

In New York, a burrito is fairly defined as a sandwich. This implies that for sales tax purposes in New York. Most people thinks that sandwich can be easily added with a large number of ingredients in it.

Name from John mantagu

The origin of the name sandwich for an aspect of food may have arisen from a story about John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. John mantagu lived between the years 1718-1792. He was the first lord of admiralty. John has created a meal that changed the dining forever.

Americans eat 300 millions sandwiches every day

America’s best sandwich is the grilled cheese, Some data indicates Americans consume as many as 300 million sandwiches a day. Evaluating the U.S. population is 330 million, and on regular, just about every American consumes a sandwich every day.

People eat an average of 3.7 sandwich every week

Sandwich town at the northern edge of Dover and in the historic county of kent,England. It is one of the oldest town in cape cod and it has a cinque ports with a population of around 5000 members.

58% of adults pack a sandwich for lunch

Sandwiches are one of the most popular and loving foods in lunch time with around 58% of adults eat this food in their lunch. It has been a most popular meal choices food for adults.

Guinness record of most layers in a sandwich

Dilusso deli company from USA made the most layers in a sandwich Guinness word record. There were around 60 layers in the sandwich and it was achieved in a park of New York city in the year 2016.

Record of making most sandwiches

On February 2 2019 tango tab in USA achieved this milestone of most sandwich made and awarded as a Guinness world record in his name. He made around 57662 sandwiches.

About 95% consumers eat alteast one sandwich per week

Sandwiches are the best things with sliced breeds. According to Chicago based research at least 95% consumers eat one sandwich in USA.

The first sandwich marks and spencer in 1985

Marks and Spencer we’re the first company to launch pre packed sandwiches in the united kingdom in they year 1980.

43000 tons of chicken for sandwich every year

Just for sandwich filling and to made a lovely taste their is around 43000 tonnes of chicken filled in the slices of bread for every year.

Town in kent named as sandwich

In the northern edge of the Dover district there is a town called as sandwich. It is a historic county of kent,England. The population of the town is of around 5000 peoples having cinque ports.

Subway has 34,000 shops in 96 countries

Subway has grown it’s outlets through out the world. It has around 34,000 shops in 96 countries. The first opened shop of subway was in the year 2003. Subway has a worlds largest sandwich food chain and still it’s growing a lot.

In 18th century England people ate sandwich in lunch and dinner

Sandwiches are popular type of lunch and dinners foods and 18th century in England people mostly used to eat sandwich in their lunch and dinner.

The popular sandwich of America pb&j

The recipe is known for having 3 layers of things in bread as peanut butter and jelly. As the idea was started in the year 1901 issued in boston cooking school magazine. It was ruled as sandwich must be a two sliced pieces of bread.

November 3 national sandwich day

November 3 is the birth of John montagu the inverter of sandwich and it is celebrated as a national sandwich day. It is celebrated in the honor of job montagu. August 2nd is to be called as ice cream sandwich day as children’s loves ice cream sandwiches it has become a famous dish in many countries.

The sandwich was named after the lord sandwich

Lord Sandwich, an affectionate gambler, did not want to take time away from the game to retain a meal. John Montagu asked for meat to be served between slices of bread, to avert stopping a gambling game.

Sandwiches have different names

In Denmark it is one of the famous dish called as smørrebrød. In Italy sandwich has a different name called as tramezzino and in United kingdom people called it bacon sandwich. As India people love to eat vada pav a famous dish and the taste is really amazing.

The worlds largest and heaviest sandwich

According to Guinness world records the heaviest sandwich was made in United states in the year 2005 and weight was around 5440lb 2,467kgs.

The most expensive sandwich

The name of the most expensive sandwich is quintessential grill. The name has been recorded in Business world records and the world most expensive sandwich has a main ingredient called Caciocavallo Podolico cheese.

Listeria outbreak

In the year 2003, an outbreak of listeriosis occurred in the UK have affected five people and killed some as their many cases occurred related to luxurious outbreak affected and killed many.

Hong Kong banned Taiwanese sandwich

Around 13 people fill I’ll after eating Taiwanese sandwich brand Horng Ryen Jen. The popular company have been banned from import and sale in the country.

Iran sandwich failure

Iran’s world most giant sandwich has failed due to the crowd starting eating before it has measured. The plan was of around 1500metres long sandwich as people rushed to it before the count.

Sandwich Facts

Hawaii was initially called as sandwich island

Captain James cook named the Hawaii place as a sandwich island. On the third voyage, 1778, the place was called a sandwich island as he chose the name of the patron’s 4th earl of sandwich.

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