Interesting Facts About Black Forest of Germany

Black Forest of Germany

Nowadays, everything is all about industries, buildings, row houses, bungalows, complexes, shopping malls, and so on & the existence of natural things is noticed to fade away eventually. But, amongst this chaos, there exists only one place where nature still matters, and that place is none other than a forest. Forest consists of wild trees … Read more

Interesting Facts About Life

small tree in hands

“You belong here, in this world of air and fire, you were born to walk on this land. All the words above the sea belong to you.” The definition of life has long been challenging for scientists and philosophers. Life is a process, not a substance. A need for knowledge of the characteristics of living … Read more

Interesting Facts About Bearberries


Bearberry belongs to the genus Arctostaphylos. The genus of this plant is derived from the Greek words arctos which means bear, and staphyle, which means a bunch of grapes, about the fruit commonly eaten by bears. It is also known as Arberry, Arbutus, Bear’s Berry, Bear’s Berry, Bear’s Grape, Carillo, Chipmunk’s Apples, Coralillo, Crowberry, Foxberry, … Read more