Interesting Facts About Tesla Flying Car


Technology around the world is developing at a rapid rate such that a lot of inventions are coming up each day. In the current situation where we are not as patient as our previous generations, and maximum emphasis is on saving time, inventions that can speed up our lives can easily gain widespread acceptance from … Read more

Interesting Facts about Oracle


We all are well aware of the role played by computer technology today. In the present world, where even the daily lives of common people are greatly influenced by computer technology, discussing Oracle Corporation is a worthy discussion. With the growth from a tiny company to one of the world’s largest producers of software products … Read more

Interesting Facts About Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Gold medal, this is something we all are fascinated with. The gold medal is awarded for the highest achievement in a non-military field. It uses at least a fraction of gold in the form of plating or alloying in its manufacture. Since the eighteenth century, they have been awarded in the arts field. Gold medals … Read more

Interesting Facts About Cheesecake


We are blessed with such wide delicious varieties of foods. Especially when it comes to the part of cakes, it is loved by billions worldwide. Although there are several varieties and flavors in cakes, one of the most favorite and delicious ones is cheesecakes. We can even think of a cake that is more delicious … Read more

Interesting Facts About ODI Cricket

Facts About ODI Cricket

Cricket is considered the Gentleman’s sport and it is one of the most popular sports that is played worldwide. It has mainly three formats. The test series is played over five days, the One Day innings (ODIs) are played in one Day, and the more recent one and arguably the most popular format, T20 (twenty-over … Read more

25 Interesting facts about the bible

Interesting facts about the bible

Interesting facts about the bible

In Christianity, Islam, Samaritans, Rastafarian, and Judaism, including several other faiths, the bible is a sacred collection of religious texts, scriptures, and writings. It is presented in the anthology, a compilation of a wide range of readers, all linked to the beliefs and collective revelations regarding God. The texts focus on theologically historical accounts, prayers, parables, hymns, proverbs, admonitions, poetry, didactic letters, prophecies, and essays.

Interesting facts about the bible

The bible is often considered the product of divine inspiration by the believers. Traditionally, the board included in the bible is often known as the canon. They mainly indicate the traditional views of the collection regarding the true and proper representation of God’s will and words. Among different Christian groups, the attitude towards the bible also differs. The protestant churches mainly focus on sola scriptura or known as the scripture.

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33 Australia Interesting Facts that may surprise you

Australia Interesting Facts

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia. Australia is a sovereign country that includes the Australian continent’s mainland and the island of Tasmania, and several other smaller islands. By area of Oceania, it is considered the largest country and is the sixth-largest country in the world. The country has a population of nearly 26 million … Read more